So, you are at your house, spending the entire month under quarantine, and there are even rumors that quarantine days might not be over yet! How about your income? Of course, you need money to sustain you for the rest of the month, but social distancing would not allow you so. If you have a computer at home or a laptop, then you are fortunate as you can find different ideas o how to use them for profit.  


There are even services that offer you to rent computer especially that the Internet has become our only doorway to what is happening outside our houses.  



But of course, as mentioned, you can use your laptop and computers not just for news and social media, but also for income. That is right! The following are the tips on how to use your computer and start an online business now.  


1.Desktop Publishing 

If you have a skill in computer graphics and/or creative in making page layouts, you can try desktop publishing and make it a profitable business. There are many DIY programs that design layouts for free, and bigger companies that offer customization too. However, you can start small with your small group of friends and inform them what you can do and what you can offer.  


You can make newsletters, books, content, logos, and even provide online services and advertise yourself and your services on the social media for a broader audience. 


2.EBook sales 

This is one of the profitable businesses in the online world. A lot of people like to spend time reading interesting books and literature. If you are into writing fiction then this business suits you! All you need to do is to share your thoughts by writing them, let other people read them and tada, you are now legit earning money.  


Of writing is not your fancy, you can also opt for bookselling to earn. 


3.Computer trainer 

If you are super geeky when it comes to computers and its functions, you can teach some people who are less literate than you when it comes to gadgets and software. Whether it is email marketing, using specific software like a pro, or any basic knowledge about computers and coding – you can teach them to people who are willing ot pay to learn. Again, you need ot expose yourself to the target audience and one way to do that through advertising on social media like Facebook and Instagram.  


You can also be a private tutor for a month or until the quarantines is over. If you are good at doing something, then make money from it. In this way, you will not forget what you do best, and at the same time, you obtain profit form what you are passionate about doing.  


Final Thoughts 

You do not need to be unproductive and unpaid during quarantine days especially when you have all the resources needed for an online business. All you need to do is to make use of it, determine what you do best, and provide products and services to people, offering them what you do.